Setup checklist for interview guides

Make sure you've set up everything required to successfully build an interview guide

In this article:

Build job descriptions

When you create an interview guide, the first step is to select a job. Make sure your job is published so it’s available to select. 

Add competencies to jobs

If the selected job includes competencies that are linked to interview questions, CompetencyCore will suggest these questions so you can add them to your guide. Follow the steps in the Quick start for jobs article to add competencies to your job.

Create or customize interview questions

Interview questions should already be set up on your site. If not, follow the steps in the Manage interview questions article.

Customize rating options

We provide a default Interview Guide scale. With this scale, the interviewer selects from the following options to rate the candidate:

  • Well Below Standard
  • Below Standard
  • Meets Standard
  • Above Standard
  • Well Above Standard

To offer a different set of responses, follow the steps in the Manage scales article.

Customize the intro and conclusion

Use defaults we provide or create your own by following the steps in the Manage content documents article. Make sure to save new documents in the Interview Documents category.