Release notes: 2022-02-10

New Features

Strength Check

We’ve made it even easier to fill out profile. Employees can now take a strength check to assess themselves against the competency requirements of any job. If your organization requires validation, strength checks are sent to managers for their input. The results can then be added to the employee’s profile, so they’re all set to explore job matches and build a career path.


  • Made the Job Groups on the Interview Guides page and the Competency Groups on the Interview Questions page scroll independently so they’re easier to navigate.

  • Simplified the colours and icons used for strengths on profile. Learn more

  • Added the ability for administrators to remove strengths from employee profiles.

  • Removed the check for minimum profile completion from the Job Matches widget.

  • Set the order of library types and library items on profile and comparison pages:

    • Types: Competencies, Knowledge, Certifications, Education, and Languages.

    • Items: Sorted first by highest to lowest required level and then alphabetically.

  • Displayed equivalent items in a dropdown on the job comparison page.

  • Made UI updates to the job comparison page, the dashboard widgets, and noty messages.



  • Fixed a 403 error that was displaying when opening CompetencyCore from a link.

  • Fixed employee sign-off options so they only display if the sign-off setting is turned on.

  • Fixed html replacing special characters in library and job subgroup filters.

  • Fixed the error file in org import so it identifies the location of duplicates in the csv file.


  • Fixed the bulk job export so the progress bar successfully reaches 100%.

  • Fixed html replacing special characters in interview guides exported to Word.

  • Fixed the Library bulk export page for EU CompetencyCore sites.

Profile and Goals

  • Fixed unstarred jobs so they don’t appear starred again after refreshing the page.

  • Fixed Feedback History so it doesn’t say “Achieved” when a strength is still pending.

  • Fixed the Job Matches page when there are no matches so the Show All can be applied.

  • Fixed challenges on more than one goal so the level selector indicates your current target.


  • Prevented users from altering the html or request to create unsafe passwords.

  • Added file extension and mime type checking to prevent malicious uploads.

  • Reworked Excel error handling.