Release notes: 2022-06-15

New features

Tips suggested in goals

We’ve added 2600+ tips to give employees practical ideas of how they can work towards achieving competency-based goals. Each of our 40 universal competencies has three suggested tips per behavior. These range from tasks, ways of thinking or interacting, project ideas, and references to methods and techniques. Each tip is sourced with a link for related reading. A new setting controls access to tips. Learn more


Org chart updates

We’ve moved the org chart from the Administration section to the Organization section in the main menu for easy access by all employees. Simply grant access with a new permission. We’ve also tweaked the design to provide a better user experience. Learn more


  • Added the ability to update the progress of any challenge so employees can continue to work on their strengths.
  • Added a confirmation window when sharing self-assessment results with a manager.
  • Made styling updates to learning resources in Goals to match tips.
  • Made other minor UI updates.


  • Fixed moving competencies so this action no longer triggers the “Jobs not updated” status.
  • Fixed a bug where job post sections can’t be renamed if an installed language is unavailable.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the job associated to an interview guide duplicates the guide.
  • Fixed a bug requiring the Manage Users permission to filter assessment participants by user group.
  • Updated the email text preview on the final step of dispatching an assessment so the subject name appears rather than the substitution token to avoid confusion for dispatchers.
  • Removed archived job groups from the filter in Career Path.
  • Fixed org chart so it updates after clicking refresh to show the position of a user who previously had no position.
  • Fixed the achievement percentage in challenges so it updates without refreshing the page.
  • Fixed the onboarding welcome message so line breaks are not removed.
  • Prevented the onboarding administrator from receiving an email when they request changes to their own account through the onboarding process.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented selecting a job group when creating a job in French.
  • Deleted the default profile picture along with the user when a user is deleted.