Navigate the org chart

Learn how to view positions and manage users from the org chart

You can view your organization’s hierarchy displayed in an org chart. When you first open the chart, you’ll see your own position, manager, and direct reports, but you can click the tiles to explore the entire organization. The tiles you select remain selected until you log out or close your browser, so you won’t lose your place in the chart.

  1. Navigate to Organization > Org Chart.
  2. Click a tile to reveal the direct reports of another position.
  3. Click the arrows to reveal the peers and managers of other positions.
  4. Click and drag to navigate the canvas.
  5. Click the search icon to find a specific employee or position. 

Note: Click the external link icon to edit a position in a new tab (if you have the Manage Users permission). When you return to the chart, click Refresh to update the hierarchy.

Viewing the org chart