List of permissions

Refer to a complete list of permissions to access the different areas and features of CompetencyCore

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View Help: Allow users to view the help center chat-bot.

Access Administration: Ability to access the Administration menu which displays the system information by default.

Generate Custom Data Exports: Ability to generate custom data exports for assessments, plans, profiling surveys, and accounts.

Manage Application Settings: Ability to manage application settings.

Manage Architecture: Ability to manage architecture.

Manage Security Profiles: Ability to manage security profiles and assign accounts.

Manage Broadcast Messages: Ability to create a broadcast message for the dashboard.

Manage Dashboard: Ability to manage dashboard.

Manage Homepage Content Settings: Ability to manage Homepage content settings when the dashboard isn’t used.


Access Assessments: Ability to access assigned assessments via a menu.

Perform Self-Assessments: Ability to initiate own self-assessments.

Dispatch Assessments: Ability to dispatch assessments.

Manage Assessments / Questions: Ability to manage assessment questions and assemblies.

Access Reports: Ability to access the dispatched assessments in Reports.

Assessment Administrator: Ability to view all dispatched assessments, as well as dispatch and manage all assessment assemblies.


Create Scales: Ability to create rating or proficiency scales.

Manage Scales: Ability to manage rating or proficiency scales.

Manage Custom Forms: Ability to manage custom forms.

Delete Custom Forms: Ability to delete custom forms.

Manage Cycles: Allows users to manage cycles used for plans, profiling campaigns, etc.

Manage Tags: Ability to manage tags on library items.

Manage Content: Ability to manage content documents such as introductions, conclusions, and email templates.

Manage Strings: Ability to manage the text on menus, buttons, and instructions.

Manage Plan Types: Ability to manage plan types to configure plans.*

Manage Cycle Stage Defaults: Ability to manage cycle stage defaults.*

Manage Corporate Goals: Ability to manage corporate goals for plans.*

Manage Report Templates: Ability to manage report templates.

*We've replaced Development Plans with Goals, so these permissions are no longer relevant.


Manage Interview Questions: Ability to manage interview questions.

View Shared Interview Guides: Ability to view shared interview guides and export to PDF.

Export Guides to Word: Ability to export interview guides and candidate guides to Word.

Manage Interview Guides: Ability to create and manage interview guides. Note: you can only manage the guides you create.

Interview Administrator: Ability to create guides and manage all interview guides in the site.


View Jobs: Ability to view jobs.

View Positions: Ability to view positions.

Export Jobs to Word: Ability to export jobs to Word.

Export Jobs to PDF: Ability to export jobs to PDF.

Manage Jobs: Ability to manage jobs.

Manage Job Groups: Ability to manage job groups.

Create Competency Profile Surveys: Ability to create competency profiling surveys.

Manage Competency Profile Surveys: Ability to manage competency profiling surveys and view results.

Competency Profile Survey Administrator: Ability to view all competency profiling surveys.

Learning Resources

View Learning Resources: Ability to search for learning resources.

Import Learning Resources: Ability to import learning resources.

Manage Learning Resources: Ability to manage learning resources.


Create Libraries / Library Items: Ability to create libraries and library items.

Manage Libraries: Ability to manage libraries.

Manage Competency Libraries: Ability to manage competency libraries.

View Libraries: Ability to view libraries.

Access Smart Groups: Ability to access smart groups.

Smart Groups Administrator: Ability to manage all smart groups.

User Management

Import Accounts: Ability to create accounts through an import process.

Manage Users: Ability to manage users and positions.

Manage Departments: Ability to manage departments.

Manage User Groups: Ability to manage user groups.

Personal Permissions

Manage My Account: Ability to manage own account.

Manage My Attachments: Ability to manage own attachments.

Manage My Settings: Ability to manage own settings.


Access my Profile: Ability to manage your profile and view job matches.

Manage Job Matching Preferences: Ability to manage job matching preferences.

View Other Users: Ability to to view users with the specified competency and level in their profile.

Access Career Paths: Ability to access Career Paths.

Access Strength Checks: Ability to take strength checks. Note that managers receiving a strength check validation request don’t need this permission.

Delete Strengths: Ability for administrators to delete strengths from any user’s profile.


Access People and HR Insights: Ability to access People, Succession, and Career Ladders.

Access Org Chart: Ability to access the org chart.

Career Ladders

Access Career Ladders: Ability to access Career Ladders.

My Team

Access Team Menu: Ability to access My Team. 

Validation Surveys

Create Validations: Ability to create and manage own validations.

Validations Administrator: Ability to manage validations created by any user.


Access Job Warehouse: Ability to access the job warehouse.

Access Libraries Warehouse: Ability to access the libraries warehouse.


Access Goals: Ability to create and access goals.


Access BambooHR: Ability to manage BambooHR integrations.