Release notes: 2021-02-03

New feature: Goals

We're thrilled to introduce a brand new goal-setting module. CompetencyCore Goals create actionable steps for career and personal development. We provide employees with tasks to improve competency proficiency so the path to success is clearly defined and easy to follow. Check out the articles below to learn more.


  • Created a new competency level selector that displays up to two levels so you can compare behaviours without being overwhelmed with information. Applies when adding competencies directly to profile or setting proficiency levels on a challenge.
  • Moved Validation settings to their own page in Administration.

  • Made UI updates to the My Team page with the inclusion of Goals.

  • Added the ability to search by first and last name on the Manage Users page.

  • Renamed “My Activities” to “My Tasks”.


  • Fixed duplicated competencies when adding jobs from warehouse. If you've edited a competency that's on the job, your edited version is used rather than delivering a duplicate.

  • Fixed duplicated competencies when adding competencies from warehouse. A duplicate competency is only delivered if you've made edits to the original version in your site.
  • Fixed duplicated learning resources when adding competencies from warehouse.
  • Fixed editing certifications so items without a scale can be saved successfully.

  • Fixed the formatting of long job titles on the job, interview guide, and dashboard.

  • Fixed the incomplete filter for on-screen assessment reports.

  • Fixed deleting a user’s position so the associated job no longer appears on their profile.

  • Fixed unescaped characters replacing apostrophes when searching in Org Management.

  • Fixed the Access Profile permission so it’s not required to respond to validation requests.