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How-to video: Set goals

Watch a tutorial on setting goals to guide your own or your employee's professional development


Taking an assessment or building a career path identifies gaps between your profile and next step or target role. CompetencyCore Goals make it easy to plan how to fill those gaps or to work privately on your own professional development. In this video, we’ll show you how to create goals and track your progress.

To get started, click Goals in the main menu. On the top right of the screen, click Create. You’ll see two options. Excel in a Role directs your development based on a job you want to pursue. Build Specific Strengths isn’t job specific; It’s for you to customize based on your interests. Take a skill to the next level, or learn something brand new.

If you’re focused on a new role, select a job, add a due date, and optionally share with your manager. Then click Create. CompetencyCore automatically fills this goal with competency, knowledge, and certification challenges for each of your gaps. They’re already set with the required level, so you know exactly what needs to be developed to be effective in this role.

Open a competency challenge to see its tasks; these are behaviours that define the target level. Clicking a task opens a more detailed view so you can focus on one at a time. Rate your current ability, and then you can get started by putting together a list of activities and adding learning resources to help you complete the task.

Managers can create and access shared goals for their employees from the Team page. You and your manager can leave comments and update your progress. Once complete you can request validation from your manager, note the lessons you’ve learned, and add the competency to your profile.

If you’ve decided not to share with your manager, you’re the only one who can access the goal. And when you complete a task, you have the option to keep the achievement private.

With specific strength goals, you can work on any set of skills you’re interested in improving. Give the goal a custom name and set your own challenges. Just like with a job-based goal, you can create a list of activities, update your progress, and add achievements to your profile.

And that’s it! Employees can easily track progress and managers can easily provide input. Goal-setting in CompetencyCore gives you the tools to plan strategically, set timelines, communicate with your manager, and access learning resources. With challenges broken down into actionable steps, the path to your target is always clear and measurable.