Release notes: 2020-03-11

New features

Knowledge suggestions: Our AI now offers knowledge suggestions. Learn more

Rename library types: We've added the ability to rename library types (except competencies) so your job descriptions reflect the terminology used within your organization. Learn more

Legal features for job descriptions: Add a customized disclaimer and an employee signature section to jobs. You can control these features from the Job Template. Learn more

Profile pictures: Admins can set user profile pictures from the back-end. Learn more

Redirect setting: Set up a URL to redirect users when they log out. Learn more


Redesigned job descriptions 

  • Redesigned the Job Layout page (renamed Job Template):
    • Access manage pages for job levels, types, and locations in a new tab.
    • Reorder the Summary and Information at the top of the template.
    • Reorder the new Sign-off and Legal Disclaimer at the bottom of the template.
  • Made UI updates to simplify the job description and streamline the editing process:
    • Moved the sections of the job closer together to condense the page length.
    • Changed the background colour to white.
    • Made the header sticky so you know which job you're editing.
    • Replaced the Actions menu with a toolbar so you can quickly add new requirements.
    • Moved AI suggestions to a side panel for easy comparison with the job.
    • Moved the Information and Summary into accordions.
    • Moved the Properties button into the accordion for each category on the job.
    • Replaced banner messages with more visible notifications.
    • Changed the Not Applicable switch to a checkbox.

              Org management updates

              • Merged the management of users and positions on one page:
                • Displayed the associated job descriptions in the Users/Positions table.
                • Made new users automatically enabled. 
                • Displayed all enabled and disabled users by default instead of only enabled.
                • Displayed a user multiple times in the table if they're associated to multiple positions.
                • Made the Positions page read-only so you can access a tree view of the organization.
                • Combined the Manage Accounts and Manage Positions security permissions.
                  • Improved filters and actions in the table so users and positions are easier to manage:
                    • Allowed selecting users across multiple pages so bulk actions are more efficient.
                    • Made the most recently selected filter persist in the same session.
                    • Added the ability to sort table columns.
                    • Added new bulk actions such as assigning a security profile or a new manager.
                    • Added new filters: filter by positions without users and filter by last login. 
                  • Clarified the workflow for creating users, positions, departments, and user groups:
                    • Replaced the side panel with a full page to display user/position info.
                    • Made the option to send a notification only appear once you've set a user's password.
                    • Added the ability to associate a job and add a parent/report from the user detail page.


                  • Changed broadcast messages so editing and deleting is not restricted to the creator.
                  • Fixed slow page loads and issues generating assessment reports.
                  • Fixed adding learning resources to plans so applicable plans are offered as options.
                  • Fixed changing a job's group so the parent group in version history is not also updated.
                  • Made the group and sub-group name clickable in the tooltip on the Jobs table.
                  • Updated section titles in job description exports from blue to grey. 
                  • Fixed job match scores so they update immediately in most cases when you add to your profile. Note that if validation is turned off, we still recommend navigating to the Job Matches page to see the most updated calculations.
                  • Added a link to access your strengths and gaps from the Job Matches panel in profile.
                  • Simplified the display in profile when a pending level is different than the current level.
                  • Ordered the job groups in the Career Path filter alphabetically.