Release notes: 2022-04-07

New Features

Redesigned jobs table

  • Made the table full width with sortable columns.

  • Made the search a live filter of jobs in the table.

  • Added a count of all jobs that updates as filters are applied.

  • Moved filters into a collapsible panel.

  • Added a new competency filter.

  • Redesigned the group filter so multiple groups can be selected.

  • Added more date options to the Last Updated filter.

  • Added the ability to clear active filters.

  • Renamed “Published + Draft” status to “Unpublished Changes”.

  • Displayed bulk actions across the top of the page when jobs are selected for quick access.

  • Moved the export action to the jobs table so it’s easier to select jobs in bulk.

  • Updated the colors of job statuses in the table.

Goals report and resource type filter

  • Added a new goal-creation report for administrators. Learn more

  • Added a new setting to allow filtering resources by type. Learn more


UI updates

  • Made UI updates to the People and Jobs tables.

  • Updated the status colors in Libraries to match Jobs.

  • Removed job validation as a status and added an icon to indicate jobs in validation.

  • Updated the Recently Viewed Jobs widget to match the changes made to the Jobs table.

  • Changed the in-progress icon for strength tiles on user profiles.

Strength checks

  • Added multilingual support for the strength check introduction.

  • Added a datetime field to strength checks to track what version of a job is used. When an employee reopens an unfinished strength check, the items are updated to reflect the most recent version. Once the employee submits the strength check, the items are locked.


  • Updated the department filter on the People page to match the job group filter.


  • Prevented duplicate accounts. The API now checks against BambooHR and non-BambooHR accounts in CompetencyCore, so duplicates won’t be added even if you’ve created accounts manually in CompetencyCore before syncing the report.

  • Fixed updating a user’s email address in BambooHR so the change is applied to the CompetencyCore username as well as the CompetencyCore email address.



  • Fixed unescaped characters in library exports, the jobs table, validation and signoff emails.

  • Removed restrictions preventing the deletion of users who have published or archived jobs.


  • Fixed a 403 error from SSO URLs.

  • Fixed a 403 error when clicking the link in the assessment report email.

  • Fixed a 403 block on the EU server so new library items can be pasted from Word.

  • Fully removed file uploads in the back-end once a file is deleted in the front-end.


  • Fixed adding a competency to a smart group so this doesn’t increase job frequency.


  • Fixed publishing from the Jobs table so you’re not redirected to the job page.

  • Fixed duplicate competencies appearing in version history and job sign-off.

  • Fixed actions in jobs that were missing success messages once the action was complete.

  • Fixed the Job Matches widget so only jobs at the same or higher levels appear.


  • Fixed achieved unscaled strengths so they appear as achieved on the comparison page.

  • Restored the message “This item does not have multiple levels” on the comparison page for unscaled items.

  • Fixed the level selector when you add a strength to profile that’s also on a goal so it defaults to the lowest level.

  • Fixed the level selector when you request a higher level for a strength that’s also on a goal so it defaults to a level above your current level.

Strength checks

  • Fixed the strength check History page title so it doesn’t cover up the back arrow.

  • Fixed equivalent items so only the items rated by the employee appear to the manager.

  • Fixed the Take a Strength Check button so it appears until an item is added to profile.

  • Fixed the employee’s strength check results so they’re updated if a manager’s ratings adds or removes strengths from the employee’s profile.


  • Fixed updating profile when validation is off so a done tag and log entry appear without needing to refresh the page.

  • Fix marking a scaled non-competency challenge as done so you don’t need to click twice to display a done tag and log entry.

  • Fixed the display of learning resources so there are spaces between fields.

Career ladders

  • Prevented draft jobs from appearing in career ladders.

  • Restored ability to search for a job in career ladders.