Release notes: 2021-08-18

New Features

  • Created an integration with BambooHR to sync users. Learn more

  • Added a prioritization feature for challenges so employees can identify their current focus.

  • Added the option to connect a Udemy for Business account so employees can access paid resources. Learn more


Redesigned Profile

  • Redesigned the Profile page with strengths displayed in cards so they’re easy to scan.

  • Incorporated Career Path on the Profile page so they can be accessed in one place.

  • Created a global add so employees can see and search for all library types in one window.

  • Added a feedback log to review validation requests and updates.

  • Replaced private items with an archive so they’re hidden from the Profile page.

  • Removed empty sections from Profile to focus on strengths.

  • Added the option to set an avatar from the Profile page.

  • Added the validation request form to the bottom of the level selector. 

Updated Profile Business Rules

  • Made manager ratings granted before validation was turned on appear as validated.

  • Removed the downgrading of profile achievements from assessment results.

  • Removed the option to add self-assessment results to profile when validation is turned on.

  • Removed the minimum profile completion setting so job matches will always appear.

  • Excluded items already on a user’s profile from suggestions when adding new items.

  • Archived Profile strengths automatically if the administrator has archived those items in Libraries.

Security Updates

  • Implemented a double submit cookie pattern to protect against CSFR attacks.

  • Updated security checks so that role-based permissions are more securely implemented.

  • Added type casting checks to protect again SQL injection.

  • Fixed areas that were vulnerable to XSS attacks.

  • Improved protection against the uploading of malicious files.


  • Fixed Excel job exports so all associated library items are included.

  • Fixed removing a Responsibilities section header on a job so it loads successfully.

  • Fixed archiving a validation survey task as contributor so the reviewer's task is not archived.

  • Fixed un-escaped characters in goal names created from a job with an apostrophe.

  • Fixed the Goals tooltip in Teams so it doesn’t require the Access Organization permission.

  • Fixed deleting resources so a blank activity doesn't appear on tasks for that competency.

  • Fixed adding items to profile without a scale so the user is prompted to request validation.

  • Fixed validating challenges as an indirect manager so items appear validated on profile.

  • Fixed profile so a check appears when all tasks are complete if achievement is 100%.

  • Fixed display issues for unscaled knowledge or certification challenges.

  • Fixed equivalents so challenges are created and the log only records progress for the selected item.