Release notes: 2020-04-13

New features

Org chart: Get a visual representation of your organizational hierarchy. The org chart replaces the tree-view on the Positions page. For each position, a card displays the position title, employee name, and avatar. Click through the cards to navigate the chart and reveal direct reports, peers, and managers. Learn more

Target report: Get a quick overview of who is scoring above or below target. The Export button on the Assessment Reports page now has a dropdown with the option to export a Target Report in addition to raw data. The Target Report displays the outcomes for each competency in an Excel spreadsheet so you can see how your team is doing at a glance. Learn more


Security profiles: Replaced the search with a multi-select list of security profiles so you can easily assign permissions to users and positions.

UI updates: Made improvements to the styling of tables and the row heights on job descriptions.


  • Fixed an issue with off-centred avatars and added a warning with the file size limit.