Release notes: 2022-05-11

New features


We've introduced an onboarding process for new users. Employees are prompted to confirm their job title and manager as soon as they log in. Once confirmed, they can complete a strength check to fill out their profile. Help article | How-to video


  • Added the option for employees to share the results of voluntary self-assessments with their managers. Users with an assigned manager will see a "Share with My Manager" button after submitting an assessment. They should also see the option to share any previously completed self-assessments in the "Assessments where I am a subject" table. The manager receives an email and a notification with a link to download the PDF report.
  • Added a new profile setting so administrators can control whether Quick Add is available.


  • Fixed a bug that required the Manage Users permission to select assessment participants.
  • Fixed the bulk publish action so it isn’t disabled when all jobs are selected.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of competency descriptions when previewing warehouse jobs.
  • Fixed accessing the goals report from an email link so that after logging in, you’re directed to the dashboard and the file downloads rather than remaining on the login page.
  • Fixed a bug where job titles remained on the People page after a position had been deleted.