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How-to video: Set up onboarding

Watch a preview of the onboarding process for new users


We’ve made getting started for first-time CompetencyCore users as smooth as possible with a simple onboarding process. In this video, we’ll give you a preview of what employees will see.

When a new user logs in, they’ll first be presented with our Terms and Conditions. Then they’ll see a welcome message that you can edit to introduce CompetencyCore for your organization.

The next step is for the employee to confirm their job title and manager. If those are correct, they can get started with a strength check based on their current role. Once submitted, their profile will be off to a great start. They can add other qualifications, view their job matches, and set goals.

If an employee corrects their job title or manager, they’ll need to wait to complete a strength check. The administrator receives an email notification so they can review the information provided by the employee. Once they’ve completed that review, the employee can complete their onboarding. The administrator can manage all pending updates from the People page using the onboarding status filter.

And that’s it! Personalized onboarding simplifies the first steps so new users can get straight to work on their own development.