Release notes: 2021-03-17

New feature: People page

We're excited to introduce CompetencyCore's new HR Hub. The People page is a central place to get reporting on all employees in your CompetencyCore site. You can track usage with statistics including profile completion, job matching, and goal progress. We've also provided filters for departments, competencies, and career paths. And we've introduced the ability for HR to view and create shared goals for employees. Learn more

We've renamed other pages to clarify their purpose. "Job Insights" is now "Succession". People, Career Ladders, and Succession are grouped under Organization in the main menu, and available to users with the Access Organization permission (previously called "Access Insights"). We've also renamed the Organization menu in Administration to "User Management".


  • Added the ability to comment on goals.

  • Improved the drop-down to switch between competency challenges by keeping the item order consistent, including the active challenge, and indicating which ones have no target.

  • Added a single task view for managers reviewing validation requests.

  • Added a drop-down for managers to switch between employees when viewing goals.

  • Updated the UI of learning resources on goals so they’re easier to browse.

  • Made minor UI updates to goals and added the ability to resize the task panel height.

  • Made links in My Team to an employee’s profile or goals open in new tabs.



  • Prevented the deletion of users who have dispatched assessments.

  • Fixed equivalent items being duplicated when a job is republished and edited.

  • Fixed the library item search on jobs so entering multiple words returns results.

  • Fixed unescaped characters displaying in exported competencies and onscreen.

Goals and profile

  • Fixed internal resources so they still display if external resources are enabled.

  • Prevented disabled resources (and resources in a disabled type or category) from appearing.

  • Restricted suggestions to learning resources in the user’s current language.

  • Added a message to clarify when there are no learning resources available to suggest.

  • Fixed Goal creation so the added competencies respect the Items as Strengths setting.

  • Fixed changing the sort order of goals so the Challenges header doesn’t disappear.

  • Fixed the date picker in Goals so it displays in the user’s current language.

  • Fixed tasks just marked as done so the status can be changed or added to profile later on.

  • Fixed issues with how declined tasks being resent for validation affect Profile.

  • Fixed issues with the current and target level indicators when setting a proficiency level.

  • Fixed stacked level indicators on Profile so it’s clear which level is awaiting validation.

  • Hid the Goals setting page from users who don’t have permission to Access Goals.

  • Fixed the back link where it wasn’t working on some pages in Goals.