Release notes: 2020-09-10

New features

  • Added a career path widget to the dashboard. Learn more


  • Improved the speed of adding questions to an interview guide when you select all.

  • Made the logo redirect to the site homepage by default when the logo URL setting is blank.

  • Added links in the Job Count widget that open the Jobs page filtered to draft or published.

  • Removed library types from job templates if a site has no libraries of that type.
  • Added a secondary alphabetical sort order for the Top Competencies widget and the Job Frequency modal.


  • Allowed dispatching of snapshot assessments with no associated job description.

  • Fixed a bug preventing quick dispatching multiple assessments for the same job.

  • Fixed the Reset to Default publishing option so empty dashboards are updated.

  • Fixed Career Ladders so jobs are visible to all users and not only the user who created jobs.

  • Fixed the Groups drop-down on a job description so archived groups don’t display.

  • Fixed the Add to Smart Group action so it requires the Access Smart Groups permission.

  • Fixed the blank Job Frequency modal for competencies that are only on draft jobs.

  • Fixed bulk enabling users so an error only appears if the site seat limit is reached.

  • Fixed manuals so sections and documents can be edited.

  • Increased the size of the Set Password modal so the password tool tip isn’t cut off.

  • Fixed the display of the loading animation in several places.

  • Fixed the alignment of check boxes on several pages.

  • Made other minor UI fixes.