Release notes: 2020-05-27

New features

Job post: Seamlessly incorporate job descriptions into your recruitment process with our new job post feature. You can copy a simple text version of a published job and easily paste to a job board or ATS. With a customizable template, you have control over how job descriptions are reconfigured into a conventional job post format. You can also add information about your company and recruiting policy, so your job posts are complete and ready to share. Learn more

AI-assisted job creation: Quickly build job descriptions from templates pre-filled with Warehouse content. Based on the job title, we suggest templates that include a job summary, competencies, responsibilities, education, and knowledge. You can preview these templates to select the best match, and then choose which library types you want to include. Learn more


  • Added the ability to create job groups on the fly as you’re creating a job.
  • Made the job summary field optional. 
  • Added a bulk action to update the user account type. 
  • Made some updates to the User Details page: 
    • Centered the content container. 
    • Repositioned the profile picture so it’s left aligned with content. 
    • Added a “Select” option in the Province/State field. 
    • Updated the styling of tabs to match job descriptions. 
  • Updated the primary button, secondary button, and default link colours. 


  • Fixed an intermittent error with some missing bar charts in PDF assessment reports. 
  • Fixed generic plan templates so learning resources remain associated to goals when the template is copied to a job. 
  • Fixed the Access My Profile permission so it’s not required to validate a request. 
  • Fixed non-competencies on Profile so the selected level can be changed. 
  • Fixed the search on the Manage Job Groups page so groups without sub-groups appear. 
  • Fixed the cut off tooltip in the AI-Suggested Competencies panel.