How do assessment results update user profiles?

Learn how in-depth and snapshot assessment results affect competencies and proficiency levels on the subject's profile

When dispatching an assessment, the administrator can choose between a controlled release or updating the subject’s profile immediately (as soon as all participants have completed the assessment). With a controlled release, the subject’s profile is not updated until the administrator chooses to share the results.

For self-initiated assessments, the subject chooses whether or not to update their profile after completing the assessment. They also have the option to update their profile with the results of a self-initiated assessment from the My Assessments page.

Once assessment results are released, here is how each type affects the subject’s profile: 

In-depth assessments

Results do not lower the level or remove a competency if it’s already on an employee’s profile when they’re rated below target. If the employee is rated at or above target, the proficiency level on their profile is adjusted to the level on the job. If a competency is rated at or above target but is not on their profile, that competency is added at the proficiency level on the job.

For example:

  • Employee A is rated at target for Client Focus Level 3.
  • Client Focus Level 3 is added to Employee A’s profile.
  • Employee A is reassessed and rated below target for Client Focus Level 3.
  • Client Focus Level 3 remains on Employee A’s profile; no changes are made.
  • Employee A is reassessed for a different job and rated at target for Client Focus Level 2.
  • Client Focus is lowered to Level 2 on Employee A’s profile. If validation is required and this was a self-assessment, validation needs to be re-requested for Client Focus.

Snapshot assessments

Results update the proficiency levels on the profile to match the assessment ratings. For example, if a job requires Client Focus level 3 but the employee is rated at level 2, Client Focus will be listed at level 2. If a competency is rated but is not on their profile, that competency is added. If a competency on the employee’s profile is marked as not applicable on the assessment, it’s not removed; the competency remains on the profile at the previously set level.

Note: If validation is required, competencies from self-assessments are added but not validated. For a dispatched assessment where a manager is involved, the competencies marked as strengths are added to the subject’s profile as already validated.