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Learn how to add competencies and other qualifications to your profile so you can see job matches

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Profile is your own space in CompetencyCore to keep track of your competencies and qualifications. Building a profile helps your career development because you’ll see the jobs you match to in your organization. Think of your profile as a toolkit that you can update as you complete tasks and participate in activities.

Adding your current role

In your CompetencyCore account, navigate to Profile > My Profile. The first step is to make sure your job shows up beside your profile picture. This helps CompetencyCore suggest items to add based on job requirements. If it’s not already set up, click the Add current role link. Search for and add your job description.

Adding your current role

Adding qualifications

Click Add New on the right side of the page and select Quick Add (from current role) to open a window listing all of the requirements on your job. You can change the level and deselect items that don’t apply. Click Submit. If validation is required, you’ll be prompted to send this request to your manager. You might need to validate some types of items like competencies and not others like education, but these decisions are set up by your administrator.

Adding qualifications to your profile

You can also browse and add qualifications that are not required on your current role. Click Add New on the right side of the page and select an item type. Suggested items are based on your current role, but you can also click the All tab to browse items. You can select multiple items and click Done to close the window. Click Set level… beside a new item to select your current level.

Viewing strengths and gaps

A pie chart on the right side of the page displays how closely you match your current role. Click the View Strengths and Gaps link to open a window with a detailed comparison of your profile and your job description. This helps you review which requirements you still need to work on.

Viewing strengths and gaps on your profile

Viewing competency stories

Click a competency name to open a more detailed view. On this page, you can:

  • Review the behaviours of each level.
  • See which users are at each proficiency level.
  • See a timeline of your progress.
  • Review a list of activities you’ve completed to improve your proficiency.
  • Access learning resources associated to the competency.

Viewing job matches

A progress bar indicates the completion status of your profile. Setting up your current role, adding items, and setting levels all increase this status. Once your profile reaches 60% (or a percentage set by your administrator), you’ll see your top three job matches. Check out the How does user-to-job-matching work? FAQ to learn more.

Tip: Click an item’s 3-dot icon and select Make Private to hide from managers. Making an item private does not lower your profile completion percentage. However, the item no longer contributes to job matching, so job match percentages lower.

Navigate to Profile > Job Matches to view a more detailed list. Click a job name to open a breakdown of the job requirements compared with your profile. 

Viewing job matches