How does user-to-job matching work?

Learn how completing your profile matches your qualifications to job descriptions

Complete your profile

  1. Your profiles starts off at 10%
  2. Set your current role to get 10%.
  3. Add an item from each available library type to get another 10%.
  4. For the remaining 70%, add more items. You’ll receive 3% for each item and level you set.

After reaching 60% (or a percentage set by your administrator), your profile is matched to jobs. 

Completing your profile

Match to jobs

  • Items with a set level (if required) that are validated (if required) are included in job matches.
  • Private items are not included in job matches.
  • The administrator determines how much weight each library type has.
  • An item on your profile matches to an item on a job if you have the same level.
  • If you have an item at a lower level than required, you’re matched at a lower percentage.
  • If the administrator assigns a weight to a library type that’s not included on a particular job, you’ll still receive a 100% match if you meet all of the job requirements.