How does user-to-job matching work?

Learn how completing your profile matches your qualifications to job descriptions

Profile score

Your profile score indicates the completion status of your profile. Each available library type is weighted equally in the profile score calculation. The more complete your profile, the more jobs you’ll match to.

  • Your profiles starts off at 10%.
  • Set your current role to get 10%.
  • Add an item from each available library type to get another 10%.
  • For the remaining 70%, add more items. You’ll receive 3% for each item and level you set.

Job match percentage

As soon as you add your first strength to profile, you’ll start seeing job matches. The administrator determines the weight of each library type in job match calculations.

  • An item on your profile matches to an item on a job if you have the same level.
  • Archived items are not included in job matches.
  • If you have an item at a lower level than required, you’re matched at a lower percentage.
  • If the administrator assigns a weight to a library type that’s not included on a particular job, you’ll still receive a 100% match if you meet all of the job requirements.