How do I view my assessment report?

Learn what's required to access a PDF assessment report

Assessment results are compiled in a PDF report with summaries and detailed views of how the subject was rated for each question and competency. The report also identifies which competencies are strengths and which need to be further developed. Follow the steps below to access reports for assessments you’ve participated in. 

  1. Navigate to Assessments > My Assessments.
  2. Expand Assessments where I am the subject.
  3. Point to a complete assessment and click the 3-dot icon.
  4. Select View Report in the drop-down.
  5. Select the sections to include in the report and click Generate.

Downloading an assessment report

There are two reasons why you might not be able to view your assessment report:

The assessment isn’t complete: You’ll only be able to view the report once all of the other participants have also completed the assessment.

You don’t have permission: Your manager may not have given you access because they prefer to discuss the results in person.