Why can't I dispatch my assessment?

Learn what fields are required to enable an assessment so it's ready for dispatch

Assessments need to be enabled to dispatch. Follow the steps below to enable an assessment.

  1. Expand Assessments in the main menu and click Manage Assessments.
  2. Expand a group in the index.
  3. Select a job and point to an assessment.
  4. Click the gear icon and select Edit.
  5. Select Enabled in the Status filter.
  6. Select Dispatch in the Availability setting and click Save.

If the Enabled status isn’t available, make sure you’ve associated the following content:

Content In-depth Snapshot
Job A job needs to be associated. A job does not need to be associated.
Questions Needs to include at least one question. Needs to include at least one competency.
Scale A scale needs to be selected for all rating scale questions. A scale does not need to be assigned because snapshot assessments use the proficiency scale on the competency.
All rating scale questions need to have a target.
A mix of questions with and without targets is allowed. However, reports from the assessment will not include strengths or competencies for development if there are no targets.