Release notes: 2022-12-14

New features

We’ve added a new competency profiles report that you can export from the People page. This file lists the competencies and proficiency levels on each enabled user’s profile.


  • Fixed the interview question group filter so it works when the library archive is empty.
  • Fixed the Interview Administrator permission so associated guides still show up in the Interview tab on job descriptions.
  • Fixed the Approve button on job validation so the level doesn’t revert back to the original level once the job is published.
  • Fixed the Interview Questions group filter so it reflects changes made to groups in Libraries.
  • Fixed interview questions associated to new competencies so the name displays in the table.
  • Fixed the org import so users with pending sign-off requests don’t get new requests unless their job has changed.
  • Fixed a bug with with the assigning job levels and types from the ellipse.
  • Fixed unescaped characters replacing ampersands in the job search field.