Release notes: 2022-10-13


The interview guide and question tables have been updated to match the jobs table. We’ve also added new filters so content is easier to navigate and manage.

  • On both tables you can now search for a specific guide or question.
  • Filter by job group and by shared/private status on the guides table.
  • Filter by competency on the questions table.


  • Fixed a bug with archiving competencies without version control where one of the affected jobs was overwriting the title, summary, and reports to fields on other affected jobs.
  • Fixed the button to take a strength check from profile so it only appears for users with permission to access strength checks.
  • Prevented creating blank behavioral indicators which were being copied as blank assessment questions. The checkmark to save a behavioral indicator is now only available if there is content in the textbox.
  • Fixed the Libraries search so ampersands are not replaced with html characters.