Release notes: 2022-07-20


  • Added a link to the org chart from the Users table.
  • Prevented users from clicking outside a BI when editing to avoid losing unsaved changes.
  • Removed the notification sent to a manager when their employee makes a shared goal private.
  • Added the ability to edit a comment on the job summary in job validation.


  • Fixed the task list so the action for a completed goal switches from View to Archive.
  • Fixed the task count on the Team page so completed strength checks are not included.
  • Fixed issues with strength checks when the logged in user is also the fallback validator.
  • Fixed the workflow when the fallback validator requests validation from a goal.
  • Fixed downgrading challenges in a goal so the job match score is updated and items are removed from profile if needed.
  • Fixed the org chart so the permission appears for clients who don’t have the Insights module.
  • Fixed associating users to a position so the View Positions permission is not required.
  • Fixed unescaped HTML characters replacing ampersands in goal names.