Release notes: 2021-10-28


Redesigned Job Matches

  • Displayed all job matches in a paginated table that’s easy to navigate.

  • Created a new profile-to-job comparison view that’s easy to scan.

  • Added a level details tool-tip on the comparison page.

  • Added the option to star favourite jobs that are then displayed in the side panel.

  • Added the option to create or view an existing goal from the comparison page.

  • Made UI updates to the profile pages and side panel.


  • Added a message for discontinuing Development that redirects users to the Goals module. This message appears if the Create Development Plans permission is turned off.

  • Removed the ability for managers to make their employees' shared goals private.


Libraries and Jobs

  • Fixed un-escaped characters appearing on-screen and in exports.

  • Fixed un-escaped characters preventing competencies from exporting to Word.

  • Fixed validation surveys in setup stage that displayed duplicate competencies.

  • Fixed firewall rules preventing certain phrases from being saved as part of a library item.

  • Fixed scales removed from the certification library type so they don’t remain associated to certifications.

  • Fixed an error when publishing a job where a responsibility header has been removed if the job has any associated goals.


  • Fixed the View Details option in Profile so it only appears once a level is set.

  • Fixed the Request a Higher Level option so it also appears on items added from a goal.

  • Fixed job match percentages so they’re updated after achieving a higher level on a goal.


  • Fixed un-escaped characters appearing in goal names.
  • Fixed goal due dates that were being set one day prior to the selected date.

  • Fixed specific-strength goals created by a manager when only shared goals are allowed so they’re assigned to the employee and not the manager.

  • Fixed search results when adding challenges to specific-strength goals so items on profile with no level or a lower level are included.

User Management

  • Improved the reset password error message to indicate which characters are allowed.
  • Changed how the Import Log page is loaded so it can handle frequent large-scale imports.

  • Allowed the deletion of users who have added a challenge to profile or signed off on a job description.