Release notes: 2021-06-02

New Features

New guidance for challenges

  • Added a welcome page for competency challenges to orient users.

  • Incorporated prompts, instructions, and tool-tip explanations for a guided experience.

  • Refined how challenges are suggested so you can easily find relevant items to add to a goal.

New challenge interface

  • Listed tasks in a side panel so you can see the big picture and your overall progress.

  • Listed non applicable tasks separately so you can focus on what needs to get done.

  • Displayed the selected task in a detailed view so you can focus on one task at a time.

  • Stored progress so returning to a challenge displays your most recently viewed task.

New challenge types

  • Introduced two new challenge types: knowledge and certifications.

  • Added icons to easily distinguish between different types of challenges on a goal.

  • Added the ability for administrators to control which challenge types are available.

  • Added links to external resources for knowledge (in addition to competencies).

New progress updates for challenges

  • Added a rating page so you or your manager can evaluate your ability before getting started.

  • Added an activities log so you can see a history of all the updates made to a challenge.

  • Redesigned validation requests and added a space for employees to record lessons learned.


Redesigned Team page

  • Redesigned the Team page to match the table structure of the People page.

  • Added job match percentages to see who might need some extra support.

  • Displayed strengths and gaps in a bar chart to quickly see how each employee is doing.

  • Displayed profile completion in a donut chart to see who is actively using the software.

  • Added a list of each employee’s active goals to see who is working on their development.

  • Added a count of requests from each report so you can see outstanding tasks at a glance.

  • Added the ability to sort columns so you can rank order your team based on different criteria.


  • Fixed an error preventing the bulk creation of snapshot assessments.

  • Fixed creating a goal from an assessment so competency gaps are properly detected.

  • Fixed high challenge ratings submitted by indirect managers so items are immediately validated.

  • Fixed a blank window displaying when viewing competencies on a job validation survey.

  • Fixed unescaped characters displaying in search fields and exported file names.