Release notes: 2020-01-29

New features

Assessment availability options: You can specify whether an assessment is available for self-assessment and/or dispatch to control which assessments are available on your site. Both settings are turned on by default. When an assessment is made unavailable, users can still continue in-progress assessments and access all previous reports.

Support bot: We've replaced the knowledge base search with a support bot so you can access our new help center. Choose from suggested articles, FAQs, and how-to videos or search for answers. Control who sees the bot with the View Help permission on security profiles.


  • Fixed public plan comments so they're still visible to a subject assigned to a new position.
  • Removed the "View scale detail" link from goals with no scale.
  • Fixed creating a plan from My Team so competency gaps are displayed as possible goals.
  • Fixed adding resources to a goal or plan so disabled resource types are not offered.
  • Fixed exporting resources on the Bookmark page so only those bookmarked are included.
  • Fixed interview guides with no scale so they can still be exported to PDF.
  • Fixed the last exported date on cloned guides so it doesn't reflect the original guide.
  • Fixed adding items to a job from the Browse window so they're added as separate items.
  • Removed extra line breaks when adding items from the AI Suggestions or Browse windows.
  • Fixed editing a library name so the new name is saved successfully. 
  • Fixed the Manage Groups page so smart groups display when there are no regular groups.
  • Fixed deleting a library so you're redirected to Libraries instead of a blank page.
  • Fixed the the AI Suggested Competencies window so buttons don't overlap table content.
  • Fixed the display of the Suggested Responsibilities icon on job descriptions.
  • Adjusted the size of the Assessment Report Sections window.
  • Fixed the display of the date picker when dispatching a competency profile survey.
  • Fixed the double scrollbars on the Add Items window in Profile.