Release notes: 2019-12-18

New features

AI suggested responsibilities: AI-powered suggestions help you find the best responsibilities for each job. Contact your Client Success Specialist at HRSG to learn more about adding this feature to your site.


  • Company logo: Upload your company logo to brand exported job descriptions.
  • Made miscellaneous UI updates to adjust padding, alignment, and colours.
  • Updated the AI Competency window to match the new look of adding AI Responsibilities.
  • Added Additional Information sub-groups as headings to exported job descriptions.


  • Fixed archiving a non-competency library so its groups and items appear in the archive.
  • Fixed validation so the level on competencies reflects the level approved on the survey.
  • Aligned the proficiency level with the competency name in the job Sign-Off window.
  • Fixed importing jobs so jobs with the same title as a job in the site is named with a number.
  • Fixed jobs with responsibility headers no error prevents adding questions to an assessment.
  • Fixed Add Questions on the Edit Assessment page so it displays as a menu option.
  • Fixed gaps not displaying for employees in My Team.
  • Fixed a PHP error in Insights.
  • Fixed the associated job count on the Job Levels and Job Types pages in Administration.
  • Fixed an error on the Manage Users page when searching for a user.
  • Fixed the Org Import so duplicates are only prevented for the columns mapped to the username and email fields.