Release notes: 2019-11-28


Interview guides

We've added the ability to access and create interview guides from a job, along with many more improvements that make guides easier to manage and share.

  • Added a permission to give administrators full control of all interview guides.
  • Simplified guide statuses so they are either Private or Shared.
  • Added a Select all option when adding questions to a guide.
  • Highlighted unused questions when adding questions to a guide.
  • Merged the Manage Guides page with the All Interview Guides page. 
  • Made the guide name clickable to download a PDF quickly from the Interview table.
  • Simplified the Interview table (e.g. Replaced the gear icon with a create button).
  • Simplified creating a guide so you can select a job and set details in the same step.
  • Updated the count of interview guides to reflect the number of guides the logged in user has created as well as the number of shared guides created by other users.


  • Made font sizes consistent between competencies and other library types in exported jobs.
  • Made the form field styling consistent in the Information section on job descriptions.
  • Made it possible to revert to no level selected for education items added to jobs.
  • Made it possible to revert to no level selected on AI suggested competencies.
  • Reset the job group filter to All when a job is selected in the search results.
  • Made the job search results content wrap by word rather than by letter.
  • Improved the load time of pages in the Library Item Archive.
  • Hid the option to add a scale to certifications from users without permission to manage libraries.
  • Hid responsibilities, working conditions, experience, and additional information from the strengths and gaps in My Team since these types of library items cannot be added to a user's profile.
  • Updated the styling of language tabs globally.
  • Updated the styling of the WYSIWYG editor globally.
  • Updated the styling of the My Activities page.


  • Fixed the # keyboard shortcut for adding library items to a job so the search is not triggered if the # sign is directly to the right of another character with no spaces.
  • Allowed adjusting the letter case of items in a library or on a job.
  • Fixed the display of knowledge, experience, education, certification, and language items on a job so the text is no longer broken into columns if it doesn't fit on one line.
  • Fixed the display of ampersands in PDF job exports so extra characters don't appear.
  • Fixed a bug with missing content in the summary on exported jobs by updating the rules for how the job summary text editor works. Formatting (bold or italics) applied to bullet lists will now only appear onscreen, not in PDF or Word exports. 
  • Fixed working conditions and additional information in sub-groups so they appear on jobs.
  • Fixed suggested competencies in validation so the selected level is added to the job.
  • Prevented users from creating a new competency until all mandatory fields are filled in.
  • Fixed editing competencies so making changes in the edit window as opposed to inline still triggers the Update Jobs button.
  • Fixed missing behavioural indicators on Data Analytics competencies.
  • Prevented not yet validated competencies from displaying as strengths on a user profile.
  • Removed the Languages title from windows in Organization Management.
  • Removed configurations that don't match the library type being created from the options.
  • Centered confirmation messages horizontally.
  • Fixed the alignment of radio buttons when creating a dispatch.