Release notes: 2019-11-05

New features

Job location: Choose a location for each job from a list of locations that you can customize.


  • Increased speed in the Jobs module.
  • Increased the width of the job search drop-down so it's easier to scan results.
  • Added the ability to bulk publish content back into Libraries.
  • Made UI updates to the table filters across CompetencyCore.
  • Aligned fields and set a main-content width for all steps in Data Exports.


  • Fixed the job summary so html tags don't display in PDF exports.
  • Removed archived groups from the drop-down on the main Libraries page.
  • Made row selection in Libraries and Jobs persist during a session.
  • Fixed the drop-down when adding competencies to a job so it doesn't freeze.
  • Fixed the "Enable disabled accounts" checkbox when setting user passwords.
  • Centered confirmation messages horizontally in the browser window.
  • Fixed a bug in Testing so pages and sections now appear when creating a test.