Release notes: 2019-09-19

New features

Responsibility sections: Create section headings to organize the responsibilities on a job and allocate a percentage for each section.


  • Auto-restore items that have previously been archived if they're added to a job.
  • Optimized the Save action to increase speed when adding items to a job.
  • Updated competency frequency so the entire window displays on the page, the data is center aligned, and there's a link to view the selected competency.
  • Updated the headers, menus, and table styles on older interview guide, assessment, and administration pages to match the new UI.
  • Applied maximum page widths and updated the size of large windows.
  • Updated dialog padding, aligned dialog content, and fixed blurry confirmation dialogs.
  • Removed pop-out messages in job validation when new items are suggested or saved.
  • Updated the colours, font sizes, and padding on the Profile page.
  • Adjusted the colours, spacing, and borders in the Strengths and Gaps window in My Team.
  • Updated the field widths and button alignment in the Create Development Plan windows.
  • Made other minor UI updates to icon colours, font sizes, etc. 


  • Fixed missing graphs in assessment reports when downloaded too closely together.
  • Fixed editing items with descriptive text on a job so pressing the Enter key does not create a new line (since this would create a separate item).
  • Removed empty columns on job validation displayed to the reviewer and approver when a contributor suggests a new item but has not yet submitted their response.
  • Made sure that column headers and the Approve all checkbox display properly in validation.
  • Fixed the expand arrows that display behavioural indicators so they still appear on competencies that have been added or modified through the validation process.
  • Fixed the incorrect error message that appeared when editing a competency name.
  • Fixed the Overdue filter in My Activities so sign-offs that are not overdue are not displayed.
  • Fixed the error when switching between Enabled/Disabled filter on the Manage Users page.
  • Fixed the size of check boxes on the Job Matching page in Administration.
  • Adjusted the Set Level button in the competency window so it's fixed to the footer.