Release notes: 2019-08-26

New features

Job sentences: Add library items (e.g., full knowledge statements) directly to a job and let the AI decide which part of the sentence is a library item, and which is not.

Competency frequency: See how frequently each competency appears on job descriptions so you know which competencies are more important to your organization.


  • Updated validation surveys to match the new job sentences UI.
  • Added the ability to archive validation so the feedback from participants can be saved and the job can be unlocked for editing without being forced to publish the results.
  • Added the ability to request sign-off when publishing validation.
  • Allowed the reviewer and approver to create and edit items without library permissions.
  • Renamed "Validation Surveys" to "Validations".
  • Renamed some of the validation actions and statuses for clarity. E.g. "Setup" status is now "Survey" and "Published" is now "Completed". 
  • Adjusted the info messages:
    • Contributors only see the info message in the Survey stage.
    • The reviewer sees one message in the Survey stage, and a second in the Review stage.
    • The approver only sees the info message in the Approval stage.
  • Updated the styling of the "Edited" underline displayed to the reviewer and approver.
  • Hid the Edit button on jobs if validation is in-progress since the job can't be edited.


  • Fixed the "All" option in the My dispatches filter so draft assessments are included.
  • Fixed the Job group filter when dispatching assessments.
  • Fixed editing a career path so the previous target role is not auto-selected.
  • Removed the old "Import Organization" button from the Manage Departments page.