Release notes: 2019-07-18

New features

Reporting relationships: Define the reporting relationship associated with a job. This helps you understand the organizational hierarchy and build compliant jobs descriptions.


  • Made job listings refresh when search results are cleared.
  • Enforced the job title field when editing a job.
  • Increased the size of larger modals so more content is visible (e.g. signing off on a job).
  • Let admins know that publishing a job creates a sign-off activity for assigned employees.
  • Updated sign-off so that if a user is associated to a different job via the org import, the previous activity is deleted and they receive a "sign-off no longer required" notification.
  • Deprecated item-level security in jobs, assessments, learning resources, and scales.
  • Removed unused options on custom forms.
  • Vertically aligned competency levels with other scaled requirements on job previews.


  • Made the Unassigned assessments group available when dispatching assessments.
  • Fixed the on-screen assessment reports page so saved reports are listed.
  • Fixed the display of the "Save As" window in on-screen assessment reports.
  • Fixed the "Assign Rating Scale and Target to all Questions" window so results are saved.
  • Fixed the link for assessment reports so it fits in the notification window.
  • Fixed the last updated date on interview guides so it includes adding/removing questions.
  • Prevented assigning the same position to multiple jobs from the Employees page on a job.
  • Fixed issues with accented characters in items on job exports in Word.
  • Fixed the tool-tip to view a job from preview so it displays correctly and redirects to the job.
  • Fixed the Job Types filter so all types display and selecting "None" filters jobs correctly.
  • Fixed the count of unassociated jobs on the Job Levels and Job Types pages.
  • Fixed a PHP error when editing level summaries or behavioural indicators.
  • Fixed importing learning resources so they're associated to competencies and not BIs.
  • Fixed setting a current role from the Profile page or dashboard so it saves. 
  • Fixed changing a level on a user's profile so no blank page appears. 
  • Fixed the checkbox alignment when assigning permissions.