Release notes: 2019-05-29

New features

Organization import: Import your users data directly from an HRIS or Excel spreadsheet.


  • Fixed the ability to archive competencies from the Library view page.
  • Removed the ability to assign a position to multiple users
  • Fixed an issue preventing new users from being deleted. 
  • Fixed the concatenation of responsibility text on jobs when content is added from the library.
  • Prevented the ability to add the same responsibility multiple times to the same job. 
  • Fixed multiple sign-off requests for users who have already signed off on a job. 
  • Fixed a redirect issue occuring when a user marks a competency goal as complete and requests validation.
  • Fixed a UI issue when viewing competencies in a validation survey.
  • Fixed a UI issue when deleting a Team or Department.
  • Fixed a UI issue for position status. 
  • Fixed a UI issue when selecting content from library subgroups. 
  • Fixed a UI issue when adding goals to plans.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the display of competency definitions. 
  • Fixed a UI issue for the display of assessment instructions in a snapshot assessment. 
  • Fixed a UI issue when importing accounts.