Release notes: 2019-04-25

New features

Job responsibilities: Create and edit responsibilities directly on a job. This feature is a great time-saver when building job descriptions.

Profile widget: End users can access their job description from the dashboard.


Publish results to Profile: In the last release, we made it optional to update your profile with assessment results. This option is now also included on the My Assessments page so users still have the option to update their profile after they've completed a self-initiated assessment.

AI suggested competencies: We've improved the accuracy of AI suggested competencies and auto-enabled the setting so administrators don't need to turn on a setting to use this feature.

Job validation surveys: We've improved validation survey workflows.

  • Allowed the administrator to edit properties on an open survey.
  • Implemented a workflow for requesting sign-off when publishing a validation survey.
  • Allowed contributors to deselect Agree by clicking on it again on a job validation survey.
  • Added a message to a job if the logged in user is a participant with a link to the survey.
  • Displayed a link to view the survey on the published version of a job as well as the draft copy.

Employee sign-off: Made minor UI updates to the sign-off window and added a default reminder message.



  • Fixed the expand icon on the Library export page so groups can be expanded.
  • Fixed the expand icon on the Library Content Management page so it's clickable.
  • Fixed the duplication check so accented characters are not replaced with "&eacute" or "&egrave".
  • Fixed sub-groups so they don't show up in the side menu on the View Library page.


  • Fixed the last updated date on jobs to reflect changes made to library items.
  • Fixed cloning job descriptions so the cloned versions don't have the same name.
  • Fixed Architecture view so items are removed from a job without refreshing the page.
  • Fixed the duplication check so a draft copy can share the name of the published version.
  • Fixed removing a non-competency library item so that its sub-group name also disappears.


  • Fixed exporting more than 75 jobs so the file displays jobs in the user's language.
  • Fixed jobs exported to Word in Group View so competency group names appear.


  • Fixed assessments created from jobs that are in a sub-sub-group so they don't disappear.
  • Fixed copying library items as assessment questions so only published competencies are available.
  • Added a Clear link to the Due date on the Schedule page for creating Quick Dispatches.
  • Removed timestamps from assessment reports.

UI updates

  • Fixed the meta-data at the top of the Job History page so it's left aligned and doesn't wrap.
  • Increased the size of windows where the action buttons were overlapping.
  • Fixed the New tag in job validation so it doesn't split between two lines on smaller screens.
  • Made the items in the Actions menu consistent font sizes on the Library Content Management page.