Release notes: 2019-03-25

New features

AI suggested competencies: AI-powered suggestions help you find the best competencies for each job. Suggestions are based on the job's summary and responsibilities.

Job validation surveys: Validation surveys provide a process for collaboratively updating job descriptions with input from multiple stakeholders. A draft job is sent to participants who provide feedback. They can agree or disagree with the job summary and requirements and make suggestions. One user reviews submissions and makes a final decision. The survey is then published to update the job description.

Employee sign-off: Send a sign-off request to employees so they can acknowledge that they understand their job description. You can keep track of who’s signed off, and send reminders.


Controlled release of assessment results: The Controlled release option on the final step of creating a dispatch allows you to decide when to update the subject's profile with assessment results. For self-initiated assessments, the subject chooses whether or not to update their profile.

Completed assessment notification: Dispatchers now receive an email once all of the participants have completed an assessment.


  • Fixed the Manage Interview Guides page so jobs with a draft copy are not listed twice in the index.
  • Fixed assessment reports so they are still sent successfully when Allow override is disabled.
  • Suggested proficiency levels for goals when creating a plan directly from a completed assessment.
  • Hid the Goal Group column in the Add Goals modal if the selected plan type has no goal groups.
  • Fixed the View scale details link on plans so the user doesn't need permission to manage scales.
  • Fixed emails so "Array" doesn't display in the footer when the Company name setting is blank.
  • Updated the help so users know to save learning resource import files in UTF-8 CSV format.
  • Fixed a PHP error when creating an assessment.
  • Fixed a PHP error when creating and archiving a competency.
  • Fixed a PHP error when adding learning resources to a goal.
  • Fixed a PHP error when the last participant submits an assessment.