Release notes: 2019-02-06


  • Optimized the load times on the Job Matches and Career Path pages.



  • Corrected version control so all jobs are updated when selecting a core competency and all jobs within a group are updated when publishing a job family survey.
  • Fixed the Silent update mode so the Update Jobs button doesn't appear on competencies.
  • Fixed the info tag in Jobs so it displays content and is styled correctly when Levels are not enabled.
  • Fixed a bug on jobs where core competencies display "1 Selected Child Items" instead of their level.
  • Fixed deleting a job level so the level is also unassigned from archived jobs.
  • Fixed the count of jobs on the Manage Groups page so a job with a draft copy is not counted as two jobs and so the count of jobs in top-level groups includes jobs in subgroups.
  • Fixed the filters on the Archived table so they persist after restoring a library item.
  • Corrected the learning resources suggested to associate to a development goal. If the plan is based on a job, the suggested resources should be based on the competencies required for that role.
  • Fixed a PHP error when adding a competency with no scale to a development goal.
  • Fixed a PHP error when creating a development plan from a completed self-assessment.
  • Made the list of job matches on a user's profile clickable to display the job in a new window.
  • Prevented the time-out message from appearing when a user logs out before the session ends.
  • Deprecated the Socialcast and HipChat widgets. They're no longer available to add to the dashboard.


  • Fixed an error that appears when trying to export more than 75 jobs to Excel.
  • Made the auto-save indicator visible when adding general questions to an interview guide so the user doesn't click Finish before it's saved and get a "Save not successful" alert.
  • Fixed general interview questions so they're displayed under a separate header in PDF and Word.


  • Fixed security in Libraries so a user with permission to View does not see options to edit, clone, etc.
  • Fixed the updated Jobs module so the item-level edit permission is respected. Users with permission to view but not edit still see drafts and draft copies, but an alert explains why drafts are read-only. Users with permission to edit can change the job group on a draft, but they can only select from groups they have item-level permission to edit to prevent being locked out.
  • Fixed the Manage Libraries permission so it's not dependent on the Access Smart Groups permission.

UI updates

  • Fixed the Move Items/Group modals so long item names are aligned and buttons are visible.
  • Changed the Finish button to Enable to clarify the action when setting up two-factor authentication.
  • Aligned the tabs on the User overlay in Security Profiles.
  • Fixed the font colour of the buttons on the Review Complete page in Surveys.

Redirect issues

  • Fixed the redirect after archiving a competency from the Edit page so you're returned to the View page instead of being able to continue editing.
  • Fixed the redirect after creating items using the plus icon so you're returned to the View Library page instead of opening the Library Content Management page.
  • Fixed the redirect after creating a non-competency item so you're returned to the group where the item was created instead of the first smart group in the library.
  • Fixed the redirect after deleting a draft/scheduled dispatch instead of opening the old Unsent Dispatches page.


  • Fixed a bug in the Library Links window so knowledge area levels are displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where tests with time limits can't be properly created.
  • Fixed a PHP error in the Properties panel when creating or editing a test with a time limit.
  • Fixed a bug where ghost competencies appear on test reports.
  • Fixed a fatal error when dispatching a test.
  • Fixed a bug where dispatched tests do not appear in My Activities.
  • Fixed a bug where the Choice and Images components disappear from the Item and Test Canvas after clicking Save.