Release notes: 2018-12-19


Two-factor authentication: Each user now has the option of setting up two-factor authentication to secure their CompetencyCore account.

Session time-out: Administrators now have the option of setting a session time-out.

Password security: Upgraded from MD5 to SHA256 for password hashing.


  • Updated how job groups are managed:
    • Groups containing archived jobs can be archived on the Manage Groups page.
    • You can select a group to restore jobs to on the Archived Jobs page.
  • Fixed reordering competencies when the display is set to Flat view so the order persists.
  • Removed the edit toggle in Libraries so you can edit with fewer clicks.
  • Prevented draft items in smart groups from appearing in the Advanced Search on jobs.
  • Fixed the Word export of smart groups so the entire library isn't exported.
  • Fixed scale levels so they're saved properly on profile for non-competency library items.
  • Fixed the Manage Learning Resources page so the 3-icon menus appear.
  • Fixed PHP errors and made minor UI adjustments.