Release notes: 2018-12-05

New features

Job statuses and versions

Find jobs faster: We've sped up load times and added more filters to help you find jobs.

Easy to manage: We've reduced the number of pages. Simplifying the Jobs module avoids confusion about where to go to perform actions.

Job statuses: We've implemented a new publishing workflow. All jobs start out as drafts. Publishing a draft makes the job available to your employees. You can work on updates privately by editing a published job to create a draft copy. The published job remains untouched, and you can easily switch between both versions. You can archive jobs that are no longer in use. Don't worry about losing content, because archived jobs can always be restored.

Version control: The legal nature of a job description makes it important to keep track of changes. All of the changes you make to a job are documented. Each time you publish a draft copy, the previous version is saved in the job's history.



  • Added an image to celebrate validation approvals in Profile.
  • Changed the level colour to grey for non-validated items so they're distinct.
  • Displayed all library types on job descriptions in Career Path/Job Matches instead of only those used to match to a user's profile. A complete list of job requirements better informs an employee's decisions when they're selecting jobs for their career path or reviewing matches.

UI updates

  • Updated the styling of multi-select lists and Action menus.
  • Updated all modals with fixed headers and footers.
  • Restricted the page width globally to avoid content that's too wide.
  • Changed the styling of tool tips from dark to light.
  • Listed users alphabetically in the Advanced Search.
  • Updated the default switch colour to match our colour palette.
  • Updated the styling of profile pictures for LDAP accounts so they match Database accounts.
  • Set a minimum size on the profile picture uploader and removed scrollbars.
  • Removed extra padding from the profile picture so the user's personal menu is aligned.
  • Center aligned the checkmark icon in the My Activities widget when activities are complete.
  • Removed extra white space when there's no open or overdue activities in My Activities.
  • Increased the competency tag padding in Learning Resources.
  • Updated the Settings menu so you can click on blank space and not only on a menu item.
  • Added a "Dashboard" title to the Dashboard page to be consistent with other pages.


  • Fixed in-depth assessments so they update your profile with the proficiency levels on the job at the time the assessment was enabled instead of the current levels set on the job.
  • Applied the same rules for auto-creating positions wherever a user can set their current role.
  • Fixed custom forms so you can add response selections to a multi-select form (the gear icon to access the Add action isn't appearing).
  • Fixed editing library item names so the duplication alert doesn't appear for unique names.
  • Fixed a missing duplication check for library items created or edited from the Library Content Management page.
  • Fixed cycle stages so they don't revert back to defaults after being adjusted on the plan.
  • Fixed cloning a job so the type tag is also cloned if specified on the original job.
  • Fixed the global search so bracketed content appears in the results without needing to include brackets in your search.
  • Fixed a permission issue so that anyone with permission to View Published Interview Guides can view guides published by all users on the site.
  • Removed the requirement to fill in the description field on the Edit Interview Guide page.
  • Changed the redirect so a user remains on the Category page after editing a category instead of opening the Manage Resources page.
  • Fixed the Minimum match % filter in Job Insights so only employees whose profile match the criteria are displayed.
  • Added a lazy load to the Similar Jobs section in Job Insights so that data no longer slows down the rest of the page load.
  • Checked for installed modules in My Activities so only those appear in the Type filter.
  • Fixed the survey invitation message so the sender is correctly identified with the creator's name rather than the system administrator.
  • Fixed the image preview so you can crop profile picture before uploading in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a cut-off tool tip listing employees filling a role on the Job Description window in Career Ladders.
  • Fixed Rows to Display on the Users table so the values aren't negative after unsuccessfully deleting a user.
  • Added the missing highlight on the current level when viewing a competency in Profile.
  • Added the missing table border to Insights.
  • Fixed the global search results so the correct group is highlighted in the side menu when you click to view an item in its library.
  • Fixed a display issue on the Manage Positions page so the user currently filling the position no longer shows up in the Users select list.
  • Fixed the UI of the Status info on the View Goal page.
  • Fixed four PHP errors.