Release notes: 2018-10-24


Client feedback: Made the link to view competency details available on all competency based goals, even if a custom scale is used to rate the goal. We'll also include the competency definition on all competency-based goals.

We previously deprecated the detailed description and replaced it with the job summary in PDF and Word exports. When there is a detailed description on a job, it now replaces the job summary in exports.

Org management: Implemented the following rules when associating users and jobs to positions:

  • A position can only be assigned to one user.
  • A position can only be assigned to one job.

These rules encourage the traditional use case of associating multiple positions to one job. They also prevent skewing the bench strength calculation in Insights and make it easier to identify vacant positions. We'll continue to allow associating multiple positions to one user because smaller organizations might have one employee who performs more than one role.

My Team: Identify the team lead with an icon when viewing the teams of your reports.

My Activities: Made UI improvements to the My Activities module:

  • Made the Archive button a link since it's not a primary action.
  • Added the missing title to the Archived window.
  • Changed the default sort order from due date descending to date added ascending.
  • Corrected filter labels so Ascending shows the earliest date first and Descending shows the latest.
  • Removed the activity type labels from each activity since the icon indicates the type.
  • Added the activity type icons to the filter drop-down.
  • Made activity links to completed plans continue to open the View Plan page.
  • Made activity links to closed plans open an alert if the user no longer has access.
  • Continued to display the Open tag for incomplete assessments.
  • Removed the due date tag from completed self-assessments.


  • Fixed a security issue preventing regular users from uploading a profile picture or changing their password.
  • Fixed the Access Reports permission so it only controls access to on-screen reports and not PDF assessment results.
  • Fixed requesting validation so it's only required if validation is turned on for that library type.
  • Fixed the N/A toggle on jobs. It will no longer appear when items are added and reappear when all items are removed from a category. When the N/A toggle is turned on, the option to add items should no longer appear.
  • Fixed the View Library page so new job description items in sub-groups can be edited.
  • Fixed editing library item names so the duplication alert doesn't appear for unique names.
  • Fixed creating library items from the View page. We'll no longer skip the step to select a group if the group has multiple sub-groups.
  • Fixed the competency definition missing from competencies marked as core, job family, job specific, or leadership in jobs exported to Word.
  • Fixed unescaped characters displaying in French interview guides exported to Word.
  • Fixed French accented characters appearing in lowercase on the proficiency scale levels in competencies exported to Microsoft Word.
  • Fixed strengths and gaps in My Team so the numbers are consistent regardless of the logged in user’s set language in CompetencyCore.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking Advanced search for uses or positions while creating a security profile would create a new security profile.
  • Fixed a PHP error when creating a job or adding participants while creating a survey.
  • Added an alert when a newly implemented site's URL and the cron silo URL setting don't match.
  • Updated the styling of 3-dot icon menus across the site.