Release notes: 2018-09-19

New features

In-app notifications: Depending on a user's permissions, they'll see a product update message when they log in to CompetencyCore after a release. This message briefly describes a new feature and includes a link to learn more. We've also added a link to our Updates page in the personal menu accessed by clicking the user's avatar in CompetencyCore.


  • Fixed the incorrect count of overdue activities so only open activities aren't counted.
  • Allowed library items with names that include an apostrophe to be edited.
  • Hid the target level from the subject of a plan when the Manager Only setting is turned on so the subject can't change the target of unrated goal types.
  • Removed the first step of selecting a group when creating a new library item from the View page. The group being viewed is automatically set as the new item's group.
  • Made sure the associated job is displayed as the user's current role in their profile header.
  • Indicated users who cannot be enabled because of incomplete info when bulk enabling.
  • Fixed a bug where users without permission to manage the site-wide settings received an error when saving changes to their personal settings.
  • Fixed the Job Matches widget so the only jobs displayed are those the user has item-level permission to view.
  • Made jobs appearing in the Job Matches widget consistent with the Job Matches page by excluding ungrouped jobs from the widget.
  • Highlighted the Validate button once a level has been set instead of leaving it greyed out.
  • Required a click off to close the new data snapshot window in My Team.
  • Fixed the button name in My Activities so you're prompted to Resume rather than Start assessments that are already in progress.
  • Fixed the display of the Terms & Conditions window displayed to anonymous users accessing an assessment from the dispatch email.
  • Disabled the Send Report button when no completed assessment dispatches are selected.
  • Fixed bookmarking of learning resources so users can bookmark any resource displayed.
  • Examined session data content to improve site performance.
  • Updated the marketplace link on the Administration homepage.
  • Fixed exporting jobs to PDF and Word from the View Job page in Internet Explorer.
  • Aligned column headers in Step 2 of creating an assessment dispatch.
  • Fixed set password emails so they're received in French if that's the user's set language.
  • Fixed other areas in the site where English text was being displayed to French users.