Release notes: 2018-09-06


New filters: Added new filters to the advanced search selector to search for users or positions with direct reports. These filters are useful with the addition of the My Team module. For example, an administrator might add a security profile specific to managers so they can access My Team. With these new filters, they can easily add all users with direct reports to the profile.


  • Reordered items in the main menu so Activities appears before Profile.
  • Fixed the Activities widget so the overdue indicator doesn't appear when there are no open tasks.
  • Updated the name of the My Tasks widget to My Activities.
  • Fixed the status filters in My Activities so they work as an OR.
  • Fixed linking a user to a position through Advanced Search so a new position is not created.
  • Fixed the nesting icons in Positions so they don't need to be clicked twice to expand.
  • Fixed adding competencies to profile when validation is required so the Request Validation window opens automatically when a level is set or changed.
  • Fixed a missing token for the performance goal label in Competency Stories.
  • Fixed assessment reports so they download properly after clicking Generate in the Select Report Sections window.
  • Fixed assessment report sections so the selection on the Manage Assessments page is the default displayed when selecting sections to view the report from the Dispatches page.
  • Added a 'plan successfully created' alert after successfully creating a plan.
  • Fixed the redirect when cancelling plan creation so the user is returned to the Plans landing page instead of the Manage Templates page.
  • Fixed a PHP error when clicking to view competency details on the View Goal page in Plans.
  • Fixed a PHP error when editing a plan template.
  • Fixed avatars that appear as broken image links.
  • Fixed missing images in the help widget.
  • Updated the release version displayed under System Information in Administration.
  • Fixed a PHP error when creating a library, group, or sub-group.