Release notes: 2018-08-29

New features

My Team

A space for managers: In recent releases, we've created a space for end users (Profile) and a space for HR (Insights). Now we're adding My Team as a space for managers where they can see data about the employees who report to them and keep track of their progress. Instead of navigating different modules, managers can access everything they need to manage their team in one space.

Strengths and gaps: The number of each employee's strengths and gaps are provided by comparing their profile with the job requirements of their current role. Clicking this number opens a window listing the breakdown by library item.

Data snapshot: A pop-up window displays at-a-glance info when the manager points to an employee in their list of reports. They’ll see the employee's name, avatar, and current role. It also includes, a link to view their profile, a link to view the direct reports of that employee, and a count of the assessments, plans, and validation requests requiring the manager's participation.

Initiate activities: The manager can create a development plan for each direct report.

Keep track of activities: A Manager Activities button opens the Activities page with a filter to display only activities where the logged in user is assigned as a manager.



Renamed 'My Tasks' to 'My Activities'

Intuitive navigation:

  • An overall count of open and overdue activities appears at the top of the page.
  • An Assigned as filter displays activities where the user is assigned as a subject, a manager, or another type of participant.
  • A live filter finds activities by activity name or by subject name.

Focus on current tasks: Added the ability to archive completed activities so users can clean up the list.

Display details in tags: Replaced the table format with tags to display the subject name, date of creation, etc. to make this information responsive for smaller screen sizes and easy to scan.

Redesign the widget: Updated the Dashboard widget to match these improvements.


Performed audits to ensure that proper security wrappers and permissions are in place.


  • Prevented bulk enabling more users than the number of available seats on a site.
  • Fixed the following for Responsibilities & Attributes:
    • Allow items to be created in new R&A libraries.
    • Prevent items from disappearing when added to a job from the type-ahead.
    • Remove Responsibilities & Attributes from the Job Matches widget.
  • Fixed cloning a job so the OR logic is also copied.
  • Fixed a security check so users with permission to manage jobs can create jobs.
  • Fixed an error that prevents saving if no questions have been added in the Create wizard.
  • Fixed an issue where created guides don't appear on the Manage Guides page.
  • Fixed competency questions in the Assessment module so that questions associated to competencies located in sub-groups are accessible in the index on the Competency Questions page.
  • Made the Permission to View Report field mandatory when creating assessments for all unassigned jobs.
  • Fixed the following for dispatched development plans:
    • The participant count should correctly reflect the number of users involved in the plan.
    • The manager should be correctly identified in the Participants window.
    • The assigned manager needs to have access to the plan.
    • Fix the redirect after requesting validation from a completed goal so the user is returned to their plan rather than their profile.
  • Displayed the Leadership heading in job exports.
  • Removed references to the jobs and libraries XML import/export now that we can use JSON.
  • Fixed the custom selection export in Libraries for Excel which generates a blank file.
  • Fixed the display of jobs exported to Word that include these characters: &, <, and >.
  • Fixed a bug preventing interview guides and report templates from being exported to PDF.
  • Implemented spell check in the WYSIWYG editor. Words spelled incorrectly are highlighted. The right-click context menu is not currently available. Note that in IE, the spellcheck only works while typing; it does not re-evaluate loaded text.
  • Removed the Insights link in the main menu if users don't have permission to access.
  • Made the drop-down for switching between jobs or library items consistent across the site.
  • Fixed the cut off job summary text on the Perform Self-Assessment page.
  • Fixed broken image links in Zendesk widget.
  • Fixed the underline of tabs in the Insights module.
  • Fixed PHP errors when creating a job or accessing a job from the Manage Jobs page.
  • Fixed a PHP error when clicking a competency from the Library Content Management page.
  • Fixed a PHP error when clicking on a job name from the Insights landing page.