Release notes: 2018-08-09



Leadership competencies: Added Leadership as a new competency type to specify on a job in addition to Core, Job Family, and Job Specific.

Behavioural indicators: Hid the option to specify behavioural indicators (BIs) on a job. The BIs from the selected level are now automatically applied. And when new BIs are added to a level, jobs requiring that level are automatically updated. For flexibility, we've also added a new BI Selection setting that can be turned on for clients who prefer to set BIs from different levels. 

BI Display: Made minor UI adjustments to the display of behavioural indicators on jobs.


Browse items: Added an All Items tab that allows users to browse items when adding competencies, knowledge areas, certifications, and languages to their profile. Instead of displaying a blank window when there are no items to suggest based on the current role, users see all of the options available. We've also implemented a lazy load to display more items as the user scrolls through the window.



  • UI updates and miscellaneous fixes.
  • Fixed page displays when searching for jobs.
  • Fixed the Specify Detail option for BIs in Architecture view mode.
  • Fixed the search results so the link to the full view directs users to the correct job.
  • Fixed bulk actions so they respect what's entered in the filter.
  • Fixed the item count to reflect what's entered in the filter.
  • Fixed exports to PDF and Word so that Responsibilities & Attributes are properly displayed.
  • Made disabled library items always appear when editing a job.
  • Hid the library type heading on jobs in View mode if all of the items are disabled.
  • Fixed BIs disappearing on jobs when the competency scale is changed.
  • Removed the ability to apply security to job sub-groups.
  • Prevented edits to job groups from being applied to the Job Templates page.
  • Prevented duplication of names for jobs created from templates. The first copy maintains the same job name. Subsequent copies will be numbered e.g. Accountant (1).
  • Removed constraint where jobs with OR logic could not be deleted. 


  • Added a 'no seats available' alert when a user tries to set their password but their account cannot be enabled because the available seats are used up.
  • Fixed activities set to 'dispatch now' so they're sent out immediately instead of sitting idle.
  • Fixed a bug where the associated job no longer appeared after creating an interview guide.
  • Fixed the display of accented characters in interview and candidate guides.
  • Fixed the display of strings in jobs and interview guides exported to Microsoft Word.