Release notes: 2018-07-19


Job Templates

Improved the workflow for copying and managing job templates purchased from our new marketplace. A message explaining job templates and a link to learn more appears on new CompetencyCore sites. Users can copy them in bulk or one at a time. We've included icons and tool-tips to flag differences between templates and jobs. A custom update allows users to specify which items to update when they purchase new content or HRSG updates a template.


Improved performance: Optimized the job insight calculations.

Clearly presented data: Rearranged data on the Job Insights page and add titles so it's clear which numbers refer to incumbents and which refer to bench employees.

See more candidates: Adjusted the Minimum Match % filter on the bench so that entering a value lower than the default specified in Settings updates the list. Currently, HR can only filter the employees displayed by entering a value higher than the default.


Improved template creation: Make updates to match the improvements made for creating plans.

Made the current level a reference point: We'll no longer update the current level on competency goals. Keeping it as it was when the goal was created provides the user with a view of how they've progressed in that competency.

Clarified the Hide Rating option: Hid this option from subjects because it's only relevant to managers.

UI updates:

  • Displayed the exact date of comments after 24 hours.
  • Hid empty custom forms when viewing a plan or goal.
  • Hid the current and target levels when viewing a completed goal because they'll always be equal.
  • Hid links to add comments, attachments, resources, and library items from completed goals and plans.
  • Hid the following sections if empty on closed plans and completed goals on closed plans: comments, attachments, learning resources, and library items.


  • Improved load times on several pages throughout CC.


Profile & Career Path

  • Fixed the drop-down on the Competency Story page so users can switch between competencies.
  • Displayed only the current level if validation is disabled for a library type because there's no pending status without validation.
  • Removed the warning message that appears in Career Paths when the user doesn't have a current role. Currently, they're receiving the message intended for users with a role that's not associated to a level. Instead, they should be prompted to set their current role.
  • Removed the warning message saying that an item requires more detail to be included in job matches if there's no assigned scale.
  • Simplified warning messages. The 'item requires more detail' message will only appear when items have not been validated, not when levels need to be set.


  • Sorted plans and goals in order of last updated on the landing page.
  • Fixed editing comments on plans so changes are updated on the original comment instead of creating a new comment.
  • Fixed competency goals so that suggested competencies appear based on the job.
  • Fixed the redirect after adding a corporate goal so users are returned to the View Plan page.
  • Fixed issues with creating a plan or adding goals from a completed assessment.
  • Displayed the Plan Rating section for equal and assigned weighted scoring as pending until all of the goals are rated (unless the manager turns on the Hide Ratings setting).
  • Added the button to re-open a closed plan that was missing from single stage plans.
  • Applied the Manager Only setting to the goal name and description. If it's turned on, only the manager can make edits. If it's turned off, all participants can edit the name and description.
  • Fixed Current Level on competency goals to reflect the level of the subject, not the logged in user.
  • Fixed cycle defaults so they're applied to newly created cycles.


  • Made minor UI adjustments and fixed PHP errors.
  • Fixed the Send Report button in Assessments so users receive an email with a link to generate their own specific assessment instead of the first assessment in the list.
  • Fixed text missing from the job summary when exported to Word if it included an '&' sign.
  • Fixed Job Specific surveys so they're pre-populated with the correct Job Family and Job Specific headings are displayed.
  • Fixed the global search in the header when used from the Learning Resources page.
  • Fixed the Create button in Libraries so it's enabled as soon as content is entered in the textbox instead of waiting until the user clicks outside of the field.
  • Fixed jobs that don't include competencies but have responsibilities that are showing up in the Competencies section as well as the Responsibilities section.
  • Fixed cloning so that positions associated to the original are not associated to the copy.