Release notes: 2018-06-27

New features


A top-down view: Insights is a new module for HR to see data about the jobs in their organization.

Address HR questions: HR can examine bench strength for different roles and investigate potential successors for these roles.

Helpful job data: Jobs are displayed in a table on the landing page. Opening a job displays: 

  • Number of incumbents, bench strength, and number of vacancies.
  • Match percentage by library type. This percentage is the average match of all incumbents and is recalculated daily.
  • Frequency within all shared and private career paths.
  • Example career ladder.
  • List of similar jobs.

Bench strength: This number indicates how easily a current incumbent can be replaced. Bench strength is recalculated daily for all enabled jobs with associated positions.

Manage talent: Created three Employee tables for each job.

  • Incumbents: Users currently assigned to the job.
  • Bench: Users who match to a job at or above a minimum percentage (not including incumbents and employees at a higher job level).
  • Potential: Users who have been marked as potential from the bench. This allows HR to compile a customized list of job candidates.

Recognize achievement: Displayed a medal icon beside users who match at 100% and have at least one more item on their profile.

Share insights: Implemented functionality to export data for all jobs to Excel.

Customize the benchmark: Added a setting to set the minimum match % for bench strength. 

Control access: Added a permission to access Insights.

Career Ladders

A top-down map: Career Ladders is a new module that provides a top-down view of how jobs within the organization are mapped. Career Ladders helps HR to understand what roles feed into each role based on job hierarchy and job similarity.

Map to any job: HR searches for and selects a job. This displays a full career ladder descending from the selected job to the most junior level in the organization. Selecting any job tile redraws the ladder to display jobs similar to the one selected. 

Compare jobs: Click a job tile to open a list of similar jobs and a percentage match for each one.

Filter the career ladder: Included Job Level and Job Type filters to narrow the results. 

Control access: Added a permission to access Career Ladders (through the Insights module). 

Competency Stories

View competency development: Implemented a new Competency Stories feature in the Profile module. End users can see how they have performed over time at the granular level.

Easy navigation: Access the Stories page through an icon beside each competency on your profile. A drop-down allows you to switch between competencies without returning to your profile.

Summary: See the competency definition and a tab for each level listing the notion, BIs, and your status.

Encourage mentoring: Included a list of other users currently at the same proficiency level. This will be controlled by a permission.

Timeline progress: Displayed levels gained in a line chart based on validation, assessments, tests, and plans. Hovering over a level opens a tool tip with more detail. We'll provide this same data in an expandable table below the chart.

Connect to resources: Included a link to search for resources associated to the competency .


Profile & Career Path

Quick add: End users can use this feature to populate their profile with items from their current role in just a few clicks.

Welcome wizard: Created a wizard for newcomers that helps them set up their profile.

  • Get started: Prompt you to add your current role if it's not already set.
  • Add quickly: Suggests items to add based on the current role with pre-set levels.
  • Request validation: Prompt you to request validation.

Efficient validation: Users request validation in bulk from the Quick Add window. They can enter one general comment as rationale. Managers respond to bulk requests by validating or declining each item and commenting on each item. Instead of opening a new task for each request, all of the requests are grouped on one page. Responses can be sent in bulk or one at a time. We're also adding the date a validation request was sent to the Review page for managers.

More actions: Add a competency goal directly from your profile to a new or existing plan.

More realistic matching: Fine tuned how matching is calculated to improve its accuracy. 

Consistent results: Updated the Job Matches widget on the Profile and the dashboard to match the Job Matches page. It will only display jobs at equal or higher levels than the user's current role.

Share a path: Choose to share your career path with HR or keep it private.

Easy access: Added a Profile tile to the CompetencyCore landing page.

Assessment dispatches

  • Fixed the Dispatches table so they can be properly sorted by start date and due date.
  • Fixed Quick Dispatch so that 180 ungrouped assessments can still be dispatched when there are multiple ungrouped assessments associated to the job.


  • Hid the link to edit the plan rating on closed plans.
  • Fixed the links to plans in Notifications and Tasks so they no longer open the old UI.
  • Made the goal name, description, and due date fields editable on plan templates.


  • Fixed the Word export of Item Names Only in Libraries so item names and not groups are listed.
  • Remove the custom form title from jobs exported to Word if no data was entered.
  • Fixed the alert that appears when interview questions are successfully imported.
  • Fixed the download icon on the Manage Resources page so it doesn't overlap the Export options.
  • Fixed the Export Excel and Word permissions for learning resources so they don't depend on the Export XML permission.


  • Fixed PHP errors.
  • Made minor UI and string fixes.