Release notes: 2018-03-26

New languages library

We're continuing to add to our job description libraries with a new Languages library. Store a list of languages that you can then add to your jobs in CompetencyCore.

Just like Knowledge Areas and Education, customize a scale to specify how fluent employees should be. Your job descriptions will become more effective as you include more detailed information from our growing number of libraries.

Define jobs by level and type

Structure jobs with levels

We're introducing Job Levels so you can organize the jobs in your site by seniority. Create as few or as many levels as your organization needs. You can customize the levels with names like "Manager" and "Entry Level", or name them to reflect a salary scale–whatever is most useful for your organization.

Sort jobs using types

Alongside levels, we've also implemented job types to sort jobs into categories that are not limited by job family. Types work like a tagging system. And like levels, they're flexible. Create as many as you need and name them to reflect the types of jobs in your organization such as "Administrative" or "Technical".

New filters

Take advantage of the new filters when you're viewing or managing jobs. These provide a helpful view of the jobs that are associated to a certain level or type.

Easy to create, quick to dispatch

Create with confidence

We've simplified creating assessments, surveys, and interview guides. There are fewer decisions to make, the titles and options are clear, and we've added more action buttons to guide you. Here's a preview of some of the new features that make creating easier.

Step-by-step assessments

Create assessments step-by-step in our new wizard, just like creating surveys and interview guides.

Basic surveys

We've added a new Basic mode on the final step of creating a survey. Just select a due date for the contributors, and it's ready to dispatch. You don't need to select a cycle or set up participant access–CompetencyCore takes care of that for you. 

Intuitive job selector

Associating a job is now just as easy as adding competencies. We've implemented this more intuitive job selector everywhere in CompetencyCore, including when you're associating a job to an interview guide.

Dispatch more assessments in less time

No matter how many jobs you're assessing, you'll only have to create one dispatch. The regular dispatch helps associate users, positions, jobs, and assessments as you go. But if those pieces are already in place, use this shortcut to send out your assessments in three easy steps.

Dispatches will be easier to manage because you can group multiple assessments in one, and because we've combined all of the Dispatch pages. Now you can manage participants, send reminders, and email reports, all from the same spot.