Release notes: 2017-11-02

Improved libraries, greater functionality, and an updated dashboard are making CompetencyCore easier to use for your organizational needs

The focus for this release is improving the Libraries, involving a comprehensive re-design and improvements to management workflows and import/export abilities. You will also see authentication improvements, an Audit Log, and further interface and dashboard updates.

Updated libraries

We’ve made it easier to navigate across libraries, groups, and items within. You will now be able to take advantage of an easier workflow for creating libraries, groups, subgroups, and items. We’ve cleaned up our design for viewing competencies, giving you a sleeker interface.  Admins can now also bulk assign groups and subgroups to library items with the new merge import feature.

Authentication redux

In line with best information security practices we have enabled admins to ensure their users have more complex passwords. We’ve also enabled admins to avoid communicating passwords in plain text to users. Users are now fully in charge of their passwords via a URL sent to their email.

Audit Log

We’ve implemented a new Audit Log page to enable client admins to view and track recorded events for libraries and job profiles content. This page shows what content (libraries and job profile items and groups) has been created, modified and deleted, at what time/day and by which contact. The audit log stores and displays events for a maximum period of 90 days.

Organization import improvements 

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made significant updates to our current import processes. For instance, subsequent organization imports will update user information rather than adding to their current association. Duplicate positions in subsequent organization imports will now create additional positions, instead of unlinking existing users from these positions. Finally, job profiles and departments will not be duplicated for duplicate positions; instead all positions with the same name will be associated with the one matching job profile or department.

UX/UI improvements

Now you can enjoy more expressive icons for modules and library content types. We’ve also increased support for multilingual CompetencyCore use. Management pages have also been reworked, now with the ability to search by contact name in positions, view more suggested items in a field, and feedback when trying to delete users and positions that are associated to content restricting their deletion.

Dashboard updates

We’ve retired the old dashboard. As a bonus, we’ve added a new weather widget to the dashboard! You can enter a city and choose to display the weather in Metric or Imperial units.