Phase out of item-level security

Item-level security is an additional layer of more customized security on top of the permissions on a security profile. It's used to specify what users can view, edit, or delete and can be applied to libraries, job groups, assessments, learning resource categories, and scales.

We're starting to phase out support with our release in March 2019. New features won't hide content or actions based on item-level security, and we're gradually removing the functionality from areas where it can currently be applied. Item-level security will be completely removed from CompetencyCore by the end of 2019.

How will this affect me?

Most CompetencyCore sites are not using item-level security and won't be affected.

Why is support being removed?

Item-level security was implemented for specific clients who requested more control over which users could view, edit, and delete content. In December 2018, we introduced a publishing workflow for library items and job descriptions that reduces the need for additional security. Item-level security is not widely used, and we want to focus on features that will benefit the majority of our clients.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to make any changes if you're not using item-level security. If you are using item-level security, you can use library-item statuses and job statuses as well as service-level permissions to manage the visibility of content on your site.