Participate in a competency profiling exercise

Learn how to provide input in the competency selection process

Assigning competencies to jobs or job families requires input from employees. This input can be collected through competency surveys. If you’ve been invited to participate in a survey, it means your organization needs your help to make the best decision. 

  1. Click the link in the email you received OR
  2. Click the list icon on the top right of your screen and click the survey name.
  3. Read the description of your role as a Contributor and click Start Survey.
  4. Click a competency name to open it in a new window. Turn on the switch beside up to four competencies and click the Compare Competencies button to view them all at once.
  5. Select the competencies you think best characterize the organization, job family, or job. You might need to enter your rationale and select a competency level.
  6. Click My General Survey Comments at the bottom of the page to expand a text box where you can enter overall feedback and click Next.
  7. Review and click Submit.

Caution: You can’t make changes to your selections after submitting.